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The Essential Selfie Guide For You

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Selfies are the craze for the millennial generation. Whether you’re looking for a new profile picture, an artistic snapshot of your weekend, or just a snapshot of your life to share with your friends, taking a selfie can be loads of fun. If you are just getting started or just want to up your selfie game, here is everything you need to know to take that perfect selfie.

The Perfect Lighting for Selfies

Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to taking the perfect selfie. You want the light to be soft and diffused instead of too bright, giving you a softer look and preventing harsh shadows from appearing on your face. Try to avoid the sharp spotlight effect that comes from being directly under a light bulb as this will instantly age you! Natural light is a great choice so stand near a window, making sure to face the window and not have the light shining directly onto your face. If the sun is too bright, a soft curtain or sheet can be used to diffuse the light and give you the perfect selfie lighting.

Avoiding Those Awkward Angles

Awkward angles can easily ruin an otherwise great selfie. To avoid a double-chin, tilt your head slightly upwards and look up towards the camera while sucking in your cheeks. Try to slightly twist your body so you’re not standing straight on to the camera and wearing a longer type of hairdo (e.g. curls, waves, etc or even topped with a hat) will add length to your face, and make sure you stand up straight. If you’re still not happy, try using a timer mode so that you can adjust the angle if needed.

Choosing the Right Background

The right backdrop can take your selfie to the next level. Look for a cluttered wall-free, vibrant background that won’t distract from the main focus of your selfie. To add a bit of drama to your picture, you could also opt for a sunset or the city skyline, just make sure to put yourself in the center of the frame to keep the focus on you.

The Best Editing Apps

Sometimes even after you’ve got the perfect lighting and angle, you need the help of some editing apps to make your selfie look flawless. Adobe Lightroomallows you to adjust color, brightness and contrast while Snapseed helps to brighten eyes, whiten teeth and blur imperfections. These are great tools to get your selfie to look perfect before you post it on your social media.

Accessorizing and Outfits

Accessories and clothing can transform your selfie from drab to fab. Whether you opt for bold statement pieces, colorful items, or a subtle hint of class, the range of options to accessorize your selfie are virtually endless. Brightly colored outfits also attract attention, so if you’re looking for an eye-catching selfie opt for a vibrant color or pattern.

A Few Extra Tips

When you pose for selfies, be sure to relax your face. Smile with your eyes, not just your mouth, and remember to breathe. Try different expressions for a range of selfies, and practice your smile in the mirror before snapping away.


Selfies are a fun way to express yourself and they can provide a great keep-sake of all your adventures. With the right skills, you’ll be able to take amazing selfies that you and your friends can be proud of!

Happy snapping!


The Ultimate Selfie Guide:


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Selfie Guide For You

Where to Take Selfies

The first step in creating a great selfie is choosing the right location. After all, the perfect background can make all the difference. As a general rule, look for a unique backdrop with lots of details. Popular sceneries include picturesque parks, downtown cityscapes with colorful graffiti, or pretty beachfronts.

Using the Right Equipment

Along with finding the right scene to snap your selfie in, you’ll also need the right equipment. Smartphones are generally the best choice for selfies, as they make for easy editing and storage. Another option is a digital camera with a self-timer.

Lighting Matters

Lighting, or lack thereof, can make a huge difference in your selfie. Sunrise and sunset are commonly used to take selfies as these times of day provide a soft, golden light. Indoor selfies can also be taken with natural lighting or using a flashlight.

Reveal Your Best Angle

It’s important to take a few trial shots to determine which angle of your face best captures your features. Flattering angles often include posing from the side of your face or slightly above the camera. To finish your perfect selfie, tilt your chin slightly downward.

Find the Right Filter

For many people, highlighting their best features with an Instagram filter is a must for the perfect selfie. From the classic Valencia, for warm orange skin tones, to Juno, which can help sharpen facial features, it’s important to experiment with what works for you.


Whether you’re taking selfies for a special event or simply to document your daily life, it’s important to get the perfect shot. Remember to choose the right equipment and take advantage of natural light, find a unique backdrop, and experiment with flattering angles and filters to make the most of your selfie.


A Selfie Guide For You

Start with Good Lighting

To get a good selfie, good lighting is key! Natural light, such as when you are outside, is always best. Soft, diffused light is more flattering than bright, direct sunlight. If you are inside, be sure to stand near a window to get the best lighting.

Find Your Best Angle

Every person is different and it is important to understand your own facial angles in order to find the most flattering one for a selfie. Observe what side of your face looks best, and remember it the next time you take a selfie.

Choose the Right Camera

Your camera is an important part in taking a quality selfie. Invest in an iPhone, Android, or digital camera with a front-facing lens. Get a higher resolution lens and learn all of the editing features available on each camera and phone.

Edit Your Photos

The best selfid will be taken using a selfie stick or a tripod to make sure you get the right angle but ideally you should edit the photos as well. Make sure your photo is properly centered, zoom out to get more of a wider angle, and adjust the levels of brightness and contrast. There are many different apps available that provide amazing editing tools as well, such as Snapseed.

Take Different Poses

Your facial expressions, angles, and poses all contribute to the outcome of your selfie. Try to experiment with different facial expressions and explore angles that flatter you the most. Taking a selfie with a friend can also add a unique look to your photos.

Have Fun with Props

Adding props to your selfies always adds a unique and creative twist. Whether it be sunglasses, hats, scarves, or flowers, props will make any selfie stand out. Adding props also is a fun way to express your personal style.

Share Your Selfies

Now that you know how to take the perfect selfie, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Post your selfies on social media to inspire others and show off your work!


Selfie Guide For You

What Is A Selfie?

A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a digital camera or smartphone which may be held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick.

Types Of Selfies

There are several types of selfies: mirror selfie, traveler selfie, tourist selfie, nature selfie, animal selfie, and just plain fun selfie.

Tips For Taking The Perfect Selfie


Choose an interesting location that will add to your selfie. It could be an iconic landmark, historic location, or even your favorite coffee shop.


Make sure the lighting flatters your photo. Natural lighting is best as it will enhance your features and give you the chance to experiment with shadows.


Find your best angle and hold the camera slightly higher than your face. This is a great way to show off your best features.


Show off your personality in your selfie. Smile, smirk, or simply keep a straight face.


Make sure the brightness, sharpness, and color saturation are to your liking before you post it.

Phone Camera vs. DSLR Camera

Both phones and DSLR cameras will produce great selfies but the quality and settings will differ. DSLR cameras usually include features such as zoom, advanced lenses, and precious setting options, while your typical smartphone will only have basic features such as basic image and lighting settings.


With the help of this guide, you should now have the knowledge to take the perfect selfie. Remember, have fun with it and find your most flattering angles and backgrounds.


A Selfie Guide For You

Understand the Different Types of Selfies

Selfies now come in a variety of forms. Become familiar with the different types and develop a plan to showcase your best face. These include:

  • Traditional Selfies: The classic selfie involves holding the camera at arm’s length. Try holding your arm higher to capture more of the foreground and scenery.
  • Mug Shots: Theta mugshot poses are similar to the traditional selfie. The difference is that the image makes you look less casual and more serious.
  • Kissy Face: This type of selfie features a more extreme facial expression to showcase your charisma and sense of humor.
  • Double Chin: This kind of selfie puts focus on the lower portion of your face. It’s useful when you want to show off your lips or express something in particular.

Know What to Showcase in Your Selfie

When taking selfies, focus only on certain parts of yourself. For example, if you want to capture the perfect lip shape, position the camera slightly above eye level and focus on your lips. Make sure the photo captures your best features while showing your personality. Here is a list of ideas of what you can showcase in your selfies:

  • Your best facial feature: Whether it’s your eyes, nose, lips, or any other feature that you think is your best, make sure to showcase it in your selfie with an appropriate angle.
  • Your hairstyle: Use your selfies to showcase updates to your hair look.
  • Your makeup: Take advantage of selfies to show off makeup looks that you’ve created, especially if you’re planning on doing makeup tutorials on YouTube.
  • Take selfies of yourself engaging in activities that you enjoy such as drawing, gardening, or playing an instrument.

Find the Right Light

Lighting plays a major role in the quality of your selfies. Natural lighting is the most beneficial for selfie-taking. Generally, the best place to find natural light is in your backyard or by the window. Take a few pictures in various parts of the room if you’re inside. Otherwise, go outdoors in the morning or around sunset as you’ll likely get the best lighting for your selfies.

Enhance with Apps

There are many photo-editing apps to help make your selfies look even better. Some apps let you add filters to give an even better look, or enhance the image with added colors and lighting. Apps like YouCam Perfect allow you to touch up and adjust the environment in your selfie for a more natural-looking image.

Be Creative With Angles

Creativity is the key to creating standout selfies. Try experimenting with different angles of your face and body. Place the camera slightly below eye level to make your face look more sculpted. Experiment with different angles and poses that showcase the best of you.


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